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Cloning Single instance oracle home

Cloning the single instance oracle home (This method require -Sudo privilage on both servers) here we are going to clone the oracle ho...


To exclude a particular tablespace from full database backup.

In most of the environment we know few tableapces zero data change happned in test environment.  In a such environment tablespace data is ...


Steps to recover the primary database's datafile using a copy of a standby database's datafile

This procedure will work for all file systems including raw or ASM. Through this example we will be using user12 (datafile). 1) On stan...


Oracle DBA RAC Interview Questions | Part-2

1. What is VIP IP used for? It returns a dead connection IMMIDIATELY, when its primary node fails. Without using VIP IP, the clients...


Oracle DBA RAC Interview Questions | Part - 1

1.What is cache fusion? In a RAC environment, it is the combining of data blocks, which are shipped across the interconnect fr...


Overview Of Oracle DBA RAC

In database computing, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) - an option for the Oracle Database software produced by Oracle Corporat...

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